No Rock Left Un-Returned

The search for Jerry's rock collection

  • The party awakes in the morning to find a note pointing them towards Lower Way and Albion Street.
  • The party searches for information about thefts, finding out from a young couple, Mary and Jim, that miss Tabitha had her tea pot stolen.
  • The party makes their way to 56 Albion, and meets Tabitha Meeks, an elderly gnome woman. She explains that the teapot was stolen from her kitchen. The teapot had been a gift from her grandson, who loves the circus, and was painted with a depiction of the Mayday Circus tent.
  • Although Tabitha had not seen the culprit, she pointed them towards the house of her friend, Elaina Fawn, whose son had his rock collection stolen.
  • The party knocks on the door of the blue cottage and are greeted by a more reserved human woman. The party asked for her son, but he was out playing in the park, so they went to fetch him.
  • Rank serenaded Jerry and his friends with a song about adventurers and dragons. Jerry said that he had seen a dragon and that it had stolen his rock collection. He mentioned a creepy house down his street.
  • Jerry raced Rank and totally won.
  • The party located the house, breaking down the door without too much difficulty.
  • The party was immediately greeted with a terrifying sound of knocking from all around them.
  • Eske and Gurr became frightened, but Rank calmed them down.
  • The party ventured downstairs and was attacked by something from the shadows.
  • With a bit of difficulty, the party managed to fell the creature. It seemed, indeed, to be a dragon, but a small one…



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