New Friends, New Foes

It's a nice house.

  • The party, having felled the dragon, searches the basement.
    • They find a room with a freezer-chest and food
    • They find a treasure room…
  • The party is joined by the druids, Cora and Poto, who had just caught up after preparing their spells.
  • As they enter the treasure room, Rank notices that someone is trying to cast a sleep spell on them. Two sets of footsteps are heard upstairs.
  • The party readies themselves for battle, finding alchemist’s fire among the treasure in the room.
  • Suddenly, the sound of combat is heard across the basement. The party rushes over and finds Gloriana Mayfair and Cindi, who they recognize as the fortune teller and the young girl who stole Eske’s gold when they first entered the city, respectively. The two are in battle with a strange, brown-haired woman whose hands end in dragon claws.
  • Despite the best efforts of Gloriana, Cindi, and Gurr, the woman teleports away.
  • The party rests for but a moment before a ball of ice knocks Cora out cold (pun intended).
  • After reviving Cora, the party rushes upstairs, searching the house for the dragon claw woman amidst the sound of slamming doors.
  • Poto concentrates for some time and senses a moving source of magic energy as the party heads upstairs.
  • Rank is put to sleep but re-awoken by Poto.
  • Gloriana and Cindi find a secret door in an upstairs closet.



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