Job Security

To be or not to be in the Security Guild

  • The party explores the secret passageway in the wall, finding that it has ladders and trap doors leading to all four floors of the mansion. They attempt to open the door at the very top, but are unable to disable the mechanism from the back, though Gurr, a master of doors, is able to force the door open a bit and wedge it open with her staff.
  • They continue their search, hearing frantic movements on the uppermost floor, but eventually make it there to find the culprit long gone.
  • The party finds a few books about fire magic and scroll crafting in the hastily-left rooms.
  • Footsteps on the stairs turned out to be Brom and Deryn, who admitted that they hadn’t been totally honest with the party about things; they had asked the party to take on what they thought had been a simple task, thinking that their friend, Bertrand, had snuck off to gamble under the guise of this simple mission. Realizing that no one at his usual gambling spots had seen him in days, they rushed to find the party and make sure they were okay.
  • Eske overheard Brom and Deryn talking about The Gathering.
  • Brom and Deryn went to search the house for signs of Bert.
  • The party gathered up loot from the basement and Gurr managed to find the secret trigger for the third-floor secret door.
  • The party continued exploring the secret passageway until they eventually found Brom and Deryn, grieving over the skeleton of the person they assumed was Bert.
  • Gloriana used a spell to re-grow the flesh and muscle that was missing from the body, revealing that this was, indeed, Bert, though his neck and face were hideously burned, stemming from a wound in his neck.
  • The party agreed to meet up with Brom and Deryn once they had alerted Bert’s family and given him a proper burial.
  • Having found a map in the house, the party set out to do some shopping in the Artisan Block.
  • The party found Nick and Nat’s Neat Knick Knacks and Hats, where they purchased some essentials and sold some jewelry and, I believe, a music box that Gurr had found.
  • The party finally bought the coveted Hat of Disguise from Adrian.
  • The party met back up with Brom and Deryn and made their way to the Eastern side of Center Ground, to the Security Guild Hall. There, they met Koi, the head of the guild.



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